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Hearts to homes

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Bringing the spirit of Christmas to deserving families in our Community from our Hearts to their Homes

In 2013, City Life Church became aware of a pressing need in the community of Lacey – there were financially struggling families needing to receive assistance during the Christmas season. As a result, Hearts to Homes was initiated. Without the help of Hearts to Homes, many families would not be able to fully enjoy the Christmas season. In partnership with North Thurston Public Schools, the Lacey Police Department, and Heritage Bank City Life Church is able to provide Christmas gifts to several families in the community. These families would otherwise have limited, or no means to provide Christmas gifts for their family members. North Thurston Public Schools qualifies the families and the Lacey Police Department helps deliver the gifts purchased with the donations received for Hearts to Homes. Typically, the families request items such as coats, boots, clothing, hats, gloves, etc. for the children. In addition to providing these basic needs for each child in the family, an age appropriate toy or personal interest item is included. Along with the gifts for their children, each family is also given a Safeway gift card which can be used for food or gas. Donations to Hearts to Homes may be made by cash, check, debit or credit cards.

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